Welcome to another fabulous team member!

Hazel Crawford is an accredited and experienced Creative Arts Therapist who is now available to offer school based and clinic based programs.

Hazel is a Creative Arts Therapist (MIECAT M.A.) and community arts facilitator with over twenty years experience working multi modally across various settings. Her work has spanned a range of applications including facilitating a highly successful art and drama programs in the Adult Disability field (for which she received the David Helfgott Award in 2006); running several therapeutic projects for bush fire affected primary school children in regional Victoria (in response to the Black Fires of 2009) as well as tailoring a range of therapeutic projects and programs for disabled adults, the aged, youth at risk and for a drug and alcohol rehabilitation service. Hazels’ therapeutic approach is attuned to the specific needs of the individuals and groups worked with, bringing her deeply experiential knowing that art making supports inquiry into meaning, and is a safe dynamic place for expression and transformation.

Check out the Out of Home Care - Holiday Program Flyer Hazel is offering this school holiday.

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