Some helpful tools for children and adults with autism about school/work closures

A fabulous toolkit for parents/carers/ support workers to use with people with autism to help them manage school closure.

Booking online for Saturdays now available

We hope that you continue to keep safe and well through these extraordinary times.

To support our initiative that enables all clients to access our services via Telehealth we have also commenced an ONLINE BOOKING platform for clients.

We look forward to connecting with you all soon.

Debra and Rachel at Cared4 Katoomba

Free Home Based Craft Activities with an Easter theme

Make the most of this opportunity to access free high quality materials for creating Easter themed crafts here.

Completing craft activities together even via video grandparent to grandchild will support our wellbeing. Social Distancing does not have to mean Social Isolation.

Lots of High Quality Activities Currently Free on Twinkl