Debra Mainwaring

Debra Mainwaring

Director & Principal Psychologist

Debra Mainwaring studied and practised Psychology and Education in both the UK and Singapore before arriving in Brisbane in 2003. After teaching across many age ranges from preschool to university Debra returned to practice psychology in the community as a specialist Educational & Developmental Psychologist and Education Consultant in 2008 in the UK and 2009 in Brisbane, Ipswich and the Gold Coast.

Since 2015 Debra’s practice was offered from Sydney providing outreach to rural NSW, ACT, and VIC. She currently is contracted to work in South Wales, UK for the remainder of 2018 but is offering therapy, supervision and professional development support in Australia by appointment. Her practice has since evolved into her current business known as DJM Psychological Services and aims to empower and inspire the people who consult her.

Services undertaken by Debra Mainwaring

Debra’s passion is to empower and inspire the most vulnerable in our society assisting those who care for them and work with them to change their perceptions of them, understand, accept and support them through challenging issues in their lives so that they can aspire and work towards meaningful educational and social participation and achievement and a sense of well-being. Debra’s services include counselling, educational, social, emotional and behavioural assessment, report writing for both legal and educational contexts and intervention planning. Her work focuses on assisting people to develop more effective skills, build better relationships, and improve their well-being, and includes:

  • Self-management skills.
  • Communication skills.
  • Building resilience.
  • Overcoming old habits or behaviours which affect well-being and performance

Some background information

Prior to establishing her own business, Debra worked in residential settings for children in out of home care; schools as a classroom teacher (UK, Singapore and Logan), learning support teacher (UK and Singapore), head of special education services (Singapore), Guidance Officer (Education Queensland), and Guidance Counsellor (Brisbane Catholic Education); and in the community as an Educational Psychologist (UK) and as an Education Consultant for a flexible learning network and specialist foster care agency (S.E. QLD and NSW). She was the Regional Student Wellbeing Coordinator for Sydney Catholic Schools for two years and now offers interstate and international support to school communities and community agencies.

She is also a former Member of the International Society of Trauma Stress Studies, the Australian Society for Traumatic Stress Studies, a Supervisor previously endorsed by the Australasian Association of Supervisors (AAOS) and currently the Australian Psychological Society College of Educational & Developmental Psychologists (CEDP) and a former Director of Wellbeing Australia.

Debra is accredited to support under serviced groups as part of the following Federal Government initiatives:

*  ATAPS and PSS

Better Access to Mental Health Initiative

Helping Children with Autism

Better Start for Children with a Disability

She also accepts referrals with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

In addition is approved to support the Following NSW State Government initiative:

Work and Development Orders

 Specialist Services Provided By Debra

Additional Information

Debra and her team are developing a charitable foundation to support children with complex trauma histories who require access to long term intervention and they are encouraging local communities to supporting the healing of these children.

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It takes a Community to Heal a Child

It takes a Community to Heal a Child