Caroline Aazami, Counselling Psychologist, PhD, M.App. (Applied Psychology), B.A. (Hons.) Social Sciences

Caroline came to Australia seven years ago with her PhD in Cognitive Psychology and considerable experience of teaching psychology in the UK.  Her teaching work prompted her to seek a career as a counselling psychologist in Australia and has recently completed a Masters of Applied Psychology course with the University of Queensland and is now a registered psychologist.

Her counselling experiences have involved working with children, adolescents, families and adults in various settings such as schools, refugee settlement agencies and mental health service providers. Her knowledge of evidence-based techniques and therapeutic approaches helps her to meet the specific needs and circumstances of the clients in her care.  Caroline’s approach is a soothing client-centred approach in dealing with grief and loss, significant life transitions, trauma, maintaining healthy lifestyles, vocational assessment and career development.  Recently she was part of a team that successfully developed and delivered an evidence-based therapeutic program to assist a group of school children to develop an understanding of their anxieties and depression resulting from traumatic experiences.

Caroline is able to provide cognitive, personality and vocational assessments when needed for individuals, health and legal professionals as well as government departments. To make an appointment with  Caroline please call the Queensland Leaning and Development Clinic on 07 3208 0732 and speak with our Clinic Manager Vanessa Bell .

Cared4Team Member QLDC_Caroline Aazami